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Harmonic Analysis, the Trace Formula and Shimura Varieties

June 2 - 27, 2003

The Fields Institute, Toronto, Canada

Organzers: James Arthur, David Ellwood, Robert Kottwitz

The Clay Math Institute is sponsoring a summer school in automophic forms in June, 2003. The school will be held at the Fields Institute in Toronto and will be aimed at graduate students and mathematicians within five years of their PhD.  The school will begin with three weeks of foundational courses centered around the trace formula: one course on the statement and proof of the trace formula, two courses providing background material on reductive groups and harmonic analysis on those groups, and a fourth course on Shimura varieties, which provide an illuminating application of the trace formula. The fourth week will consist of five short courses on more specialized topics related to the main themes of the school. While there are no formal prerequisites, preference will be given to applicants with some prior knowledge of algebraic groups or number theory.

Foundational Courses

Introduction to the Trace Formula
James Arthur

Introduction to Shimura Varieties
James Milne

Background from Algebraic Groups
Fiona Murnaghan

Harmonic Analysis on Reductive Groups and Lie Algebras
Robert Kottwitz

Advanced Short Courses

An Introduction to Homogeneity with Applications
Steven DeBaker

Geometry and Topology of Compactifications of Modular Varieties
Mark Goresky

Bad Reduction of Shimura Varieties
Thomas Haines

An Introduction to the Fundamental Lemma
Tom Hales